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Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer our community opportunities to get and stay connected, NNPL patrons can now check out a Wi-Fi Hotspot device with their all-access membership. This service is free and available to all adult members (18+) whose accounts are in good standing.

Hotspots are subject to availability, limited to one per household at a time, and can be requested for checkout by calling or visiting your branch or visiting our online catalog to place a hold. Please see below for important details about checking out a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

NNPL wifi hotspot in its case

  • Lending: 18+ with an Adult NNPL All-Access Membership in good standing
  • Loan Period: 14 days*
  • Limit: 1 per household
  • Replacement Cost: $100
  • Service: Service is discontinued on overdue devices
  • Returns: Wi-Fi Hotspots must be returned in-person to library staff at any NNPL branch. Should NNPL be closed to the public for any reason (COVID-19 pandemic, etc.), hotspots may be returned via curbside service. Do not place in a book drop.

Please note: these devices have telephone numbers and can receive telemarketing messages or spam like any other device. The Library will not communicate to patrons via these devices.

*Devices are eligible for up to three automatic renewals if no holds have been placed on the item. Any hotspot that goes into overdue status is subject to being disconnected.

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